Mosquito Control

Home Care Pest Control offers a mosquito reduction program that is designed to dramatically reduce the mosquito population around your exterior to provide a continuous barrier at the perimeter of your home. You’ll see a noticeable decrease in mosquito activity.

We will treat any non-flowering foliage, such as trees and shrubs, around your home to eliminate the resting areas for adult mosquitoes. We also treat any mosquito breeding sites such as birdbaths or low-lying areas of the yard. Many species of mosquito have a limited flight range, which doesn’t allow them to travel far from their breeding area. By eliminating mosquito breeding areas around your property and treating the adult mosquito resting areas, we’re able to maintain a continuous barrier of protection around your property.

Contact Home Care Pest Control for a free evaluation.

We will inspect your property for mosquito, assess and determine any conducive conditions. We will prepare a detailed analysis to eliminate the mosquitoes from your property.

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